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Schedule of Topics

This is an outline of the schedule for this semester. Since our class is hybrid this semester, with us only scheduled to meet one day a week, the schedule is organized by columns into sections you’ll do on your own outside of class (ONLINE) and what we’ll discuss and do when we meet (CLASS MEETING).

Week 1 M 8/24 W 8/26  ONLINE
Lecture 1 Introduction Introduce yourself on Slack Examine the Syllabus and Course site Read Media Economics document
History of innovation: -Democratization of media tools -Media economics -FaceGoogleZon
1) Introduction discussion Slack 2) Quiz 1: Syllabus 3) Quiz 2: Media Econ due Wednesday 8/26
Week 2 M 8/31 W 9/2  Read: Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Read: Ideation and Innovation -Brainstorm ideas in groups -How to “ideate”  Slack Assignment 1: Brainstorming about an idea in Zoom breakout rooms
Week 3 M 9/7 W 9/9  Monday, September 7 is Labor Day – no class meeting A look at NAB’s Innovation ChallengeSWOT analysis -Read: Customer Discovery (Especially Conducting Market Research; and Creating User Personas) interview example-No “synchronous” meeting this week. -Virtual Class Meeting: Business Models; SWOT Analyses -Business models -Niche audiences -Empathy interviews -Work remotely on your empathy interview and empathy mapSlack Assignment 2a: Find, share and summarize a business model; Slack Assignment 2b: Conduct and share an empathy interview and create an empathy map due Wednesday, Sept. 9
Week 4 M 9/14 W 9/16  Read Intrapreneurship: Watch Evan Smith video on nonprofit funding sources and niches from 21:50 to 38:00. at some empathy maps and interviews Intrapreneurship Non-profit models and news startups; Being revenue-agnostic: Memberships, ads, foundations, gifts, sponsors, events -A tour of Texas Tribune financials -Intrapreneurship -Idea profile due Sunday nightIdea profile due Sunday, Sept. 20
Week 5 M 9/21 W 9/23   Funding:  (Friday, October 2, deadline to apply to graduate!) Read: Startup Funding (this is several chapters on different funding sources – please glance at them all) Watch: Angel vs. Venture capital *Quiz 2: Startup funding sources*Funding sources -Angel funding; venture capital; crowdfunding; shareholders; foundations; grants; loans; philanthropy, “Triple F’s”Quiz 3: Funding models (business plans, nonprofits, venture capital)  
Week 6 M 9/28 W 9/30  View Jobs in digital media Read these Freelancer perspectives Watch Tara Haelle interview about freelancing Optional: Texas State photo lecturer Anna Mazurek has a brilliant, but long, presentation on freelancing  -No “synchronous” meeting this week. -Virtual Class Meeting: Freelancing and consulting: -The gig economy and taking advantage of opportunities -Read the interviewers with 2 freelancers: Videographer Dave Forstate; Comedy writer Lillian StoneNo assignment: Virtual lecture on freelance
Week 7 M 10/5 W 10/7  Pitching group project ideas Open lab to work on portfolioWe will argue about/sort group project ideas and try to organize into groupsGroup Idea pitch on Slack, due Sunday, Oct. 4 Senior portfolio due Sunday, Oct. 11
Week 8 M 10/12 W 10/14  Lean Canvas and Business Plans Read this Texas Tech student’s actual hand-drawn Business Plan: Read Writing a Business Plan Read: Lean Canvas Plans and Lean Canvas -Organize in groups, apply Lean Canvas to group projectsSenior portfolio critique due Sunday, Oct. 18
Week 9 M 10/19 W 10/21  Diversity Read: Tech’s Diversity Pipeline Problem Starts in College Read: The 5 Why’s of Diversity in Tech Read: The Workpace That Susan Fowler Wrought challenges -Cost: Competition; Regulation; Reach -Diversity in tech Assignment 3: #slack Diversity channel post: Propose strategies/solutions to the lack of diversity in tech
Week 10 M 10/26 W 10/28  Prototyping in and Adobe XD Wednesday, open lab to work on app prototype  -No “synchronous” meeting this week. -Virtual Class Meeting: View App Prototype virtual tutorials and work on your apps Use, Adobe XD (students can install Adobe XD for free) or Figma (student free option)App prototypes due Sunday, Oct. 25  
Week 11 M 11/2 W 11/4  No readings or homework-No “synchronous” meeting this week. -Virtual Class Meeting: Present your Group Projects on Zoom during our class meeting time (10 Minutes max)Group research report due Sunday, Nov. 1; Presentations Monday & Wednesday  
Week 12 M 11/9 W 11/11  Marketing your venture Read: Marketing your Idea to Audiences    -No “synchronous” meeting this week. -Virtual Class Meeting: Marketing your idea -Advertising (especially targeted advertising) -Social media, influencers, free media, in-kind   
Week 13 M 11/16 W 11/18  Product management -Digital products -Data interactives -Special reports -Multimedia Entrepreneurship abroad -Local tools, global reach -Transitory tools (Imagine in San Marcos; edit in Malaysia) Read: Project Management (written by Dr. Cindy Royal) Watch: Dr. Royal talks Project Management products -Data interactives -Special reports -Multimedia Entrepreneurship abroad -Local tools, global reach -Transitory tools (Imagine in San Marcos; edit in Malaysia)  Slack Assignment 4a: #slack Product: Identify an existing project manager or identify a need for one, with a summary; Slack Assignment 4b: Discuss the history and background of product management & note some favorite “products”
Week 14 M 11/23  Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26 (No class Monday) Monday open lab to work on final project websites  
Week 15 M 11/30 W 12/2  Thursday, 12/3, last day of classes Open Lab: Final project website and senior portfolio Due Tuesday, December 8  
Final Exam W 12/9 8-10:30aFinal Exam Period (no final exam) Wednesday, 12/9, 8-10:30 a.m.   Final project websites and Final senior portfolios due Tuesday, 12/8

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