Speak Smart- Final Presentation

Hello everyone, for my project presentation I decided to take a unique path that I hope is quirky and entertaining enough to tell me story behind the inspiration and concept for SpeakSmart.

To do it I have recorded a 15 minute clip in Podcast interview format. (With me playing the role of both the interviewer and interviewee haha.) In addition to this I have included some screen grabs below showing the interface and resources of the app to help visualize the concept.


“Henry” our analytical speech interface
“Grade Page” Your immediate score accompanied by highlighted accolades and critiques.
“The Run Down” Detailed grading of 9 points of emphasis
“Speak Smart Community Boards”







Grad Life


This defines my life as a grad student and some of what led up to my decision to pursue my Masters in Mass Comm. I graduated with my undergrad in 2008 and eventually ended up in the capital of South Korea, Seoul. I would spend the next six years there teaching English, traveling and pursing my passion in Filmmaking. I bought my first camera there and from there I convinced myself, that I have to try. I would begin experimenting with different media and web design.

  1. Music From Every Country – This was an interactive map that I built where one would click on any country in the world and you would be able to see popular music videos from that country. I’ve built it two times because of server issues but will look to improve the idea in the future. I found some really bizarre and surprising things. I’d love to talk about it with yall sometime.
  2. VERSZED Media – This is my company that I am working on developing. It is a Full Stack Digital Marketing and Video Production Firm that works with small businesses and musical artists. Future plans are to turn it into a really far out news/music/doc/world culture television network. I am looking to collaborate or get experience if anyone already does any of this. I would like to learn from others.
  3. The third picture is me buying my first DSLR in the Nogwan Arcade Market in Korea. Changed my life forever. I ate ramen for a month because I blew my salary but Id do it again!
  4. Sound Check! On the set of my first film shot in America. I met some really great people that continue to motivate me.
  5. Suit Up- I was eating dinner with my beautiful wife and its been a long wait. She is from the Philippines and we have been waiting for her VISA processing. As much of a difficult time it has been being apart we are together and she continues to inspire me.
  6. Another Scene from my latest film.

All in all I am pursing my passion in Mass Comm because it is all that I think about and I would like to work in many different areas. Currently, I am trying to make a career change to get into the business, and get experience in Broadcasting, Research, Producing or anything in between.

Fun Fact: I was an actor for Coca Cola and LG while living in Korea. I’m not an actor at all but if you see the commercials.. not much was needed.