Tips for Writing Online

This week my post is more from personal experience. Since I came to Texas State, I’ve taken numerous classes that have to do with writing and editing. I have three tips that I have taken from those classes that go along with writing for online outlets.

  1. Take your time: Sometimes you might feel as if you are under pressure to finish an article but mistakes can be easily made. Make sure to proofread your work and then have someone else read it also. Ive learned that sometimes it might sound good to you but when someone else scans the article there might be something you missed that you didn’t see. 
  2. Photos: Make sure if you take pictures of people that you give photo credit to whoever took the picture along with who is in the picture. This gives the reader even more information while reading the article. 
  3. Organization: Most people are visual creatures, so placement of photos and the way text looks on the page is very important. Here on WordPress, you can organize your text and photos in different ways. You never want just one big block of text, instead, breaking up the paragraphs helps the reader organize their thoughts and it is more visually appealing. 


Hope this helps!!

Sarah Pearce 10/18/16

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