Facebook fail

Facebook’s safety check feature was launched in 2014 as a way to notify your friends and family about your safety status during a natural disaster. The feature was activated in the United States for the first time during the Orlando nightclub shooting this past summer. It was also activated in Dallas during the Dallas police ambush in July.

On Friday many of my friends and family from Dallas were marking themselves “safe” from a 6-alarm Dallas hotel fire that happened on TUESDAY. Yes, three days later… Many of my friends and family were marking themselves “safe” without knowing about the fire that happened that week.

According to the Facebook Safety Check page, the date of the fire was on Sept. 20. However, the push notifications were undated, which led to confusion across Dallas.

I understand that there are mistakes with technology, especially with something so new like the Facebook Safety Check feature. I just hope that a mistake like this doesn’t happen in the midst of a major natural disaster.

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