Apple removes another port from a popular product

(GERMANY OUT) USB-Stick in einem Laptop (Photo by Christian Ohde/McPhoto/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Apple has done it again by eliminating yet another port, only this time it is on the latest version of the MacBook Pro. The USB drive is truly an essential peripheral on computers. From connecting a mouse or utilizing storage, the idea of a computer without a USB port is totally insane. Leave it to Apple, the innovators of a multitude of technology to be the ones standing behind this concept. Fresh off the fiasco involving their latest iPhone, with removing their headphone jack, they purpose this new challenge to the consumer. In place of the port Apple offers the Thunderbolt 3 port to connect peripheral devices. Granted the Thunderbolt 3 transfers data at a whopping 40 gigabits per second, it still begs the question if consumers are willing to shell out the extra money for the cable needed to connect to the port. One of these cables that offer a USB conversion typically runs a whopping $50.00. What is with Apple making such drastic changes to their devices these days? Can’t they throw the consumer a bone and offer their devote base at least a single USB port and make the rest Thunderbolt 3 ports as an even exchange? That way their consumer won’t have to purchase an adapter. It seems like Apple enjoys thumbing their nose at their clientele by forcing them to purchase extra adapters. Read about the controversy here.

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