Uses & Gratifications

I have used the uses & gratifications theories for a majority of my past research because it fits so well with today’s media structure. The uses and gratifications approach really helps breakdown why we rely so much on media whether it’s as a need or want. A good percentage relies on the media for vital information like news, weather reports and even leisure activities. People are so invested in so media and use it to keep up and interact with their favorites celebrities or role models because it satisfies a need and/or makes them feel fulfilled to some extent. Personally, I get on Instagram everyday as that is where I pay the most attention to the artists I follow. It almost throws my day off when I see that some haven’t posted. That would be an example of me mostly relying on it for entertainment, and the same goes for Twitter and Tumblr in my case. Wanting to be in the know, enhancing your identity and entertaining yourself fit perfectly into understanding the uses and gratifications approach.

My previous project utilized the uses & gratifications approach to Korean celebrities and how it can psychologically affect fans and contribute to “sasaeng” behaviors.

*Sasaeng Fan (사생팬): is a “fan” that stalks and/or invades a celebrity’s privacy using extreme and often illegal methods.

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