Twitter Fire Storm Response

It’s most likely that you would not get a response from a famous person but one comedian did in fact response to my tweet! If you have ever heard of Gabriel Iglesias you know, he is a comedian and featured in some films and TV shows. Even though it was very brief we did discuss about his experience and his “secret” in becoming a comedian.

However, I hardly use Twitter and the reason for that is because once you hashtag with a statement it seems like a fire storm that is about to happen. I felt like in Twitter you can be invisible or you can be noticed by other people by connecting people with a hashtag and people respond back. What I mean by that is that once you place a statement out there: its out there. I had a mixture of emotions to this experience.

One of the emotions that I experience was awesome because I got a response back from one of my favorite comedian and we had a great discuss on his achievements. However, the other experience was sad and frustrated because my tweet caused so many people to be outraged. Read my tweet and see if you would get angry with the statement.

Now it was not the tweet that got people to backlash at me on Twitter but rather the label that I place on him. “Mexican” label is what people felt was to harsh to label Gabriel Iglesias. People tweeted that I needed to do more investigation before I start to label people. Maybe I should have tweeted “Mexican American”? I don’t know, but for a day I was a target for people to comment with rude comments. I used to think that I was invisible in Twitter but after this tweet it seems I’m not invisible any more. LOL!

Yet, this was a good experience to see people get angry for a little thing but I was think about what people say about social media. It is not social media that is bad, but rather the people using social media that are mean and harsh that make it bad. I loved this assignment because I got a good laugh out of it! đŸ™‚ Also, I loved it because I had a conversation with a famous comedian! Below is his very first response back…

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