Thoughts on The Internet During 9/11

The article about the internet on the day of 9/11 brought me back in time to where I was.I remember watching CNN on a 24 inch TV strapped to a rolling cart.  I happened to be in a Computer Animation class in high school. I remember on that day how overloaded the internet became especially the news sites. It’s amazing how today’s youth will probably never experience the internet from the past.

In the article, I thought it was interesting how big sites began taking down their jpg images and replacing them with simple text. I think to see that today would never happen. Can you imagine the backlash of de-branding your company website? It would be a real disaster and could damage the companies reputation , lose clients, lose following, etc. Back then it was probably a more of … Oh, okay they had to take the images down so we can read the news. Now days, I think its hard to say that news can just be “plain”.  We are so used to branding, graphics, video, sound that if CNN went plain text for brand width reasons it wouldn’t be acceptable.

Another interesting part was the absence of Social Media. Back then a forum or maybe an mIRC chat room, AOL Instant Messenger was the only really semi-live/instant.


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