The Superbowl Media Effects

Advertisers do indeed spend over $600 billion dollars on advertising in order to attract the public the buy their products. The perfect example of this is the Superbowl. Advertisers spend millions trying to have the most attention-grabbing ad of the night. But is it well invested? You bet. The buzz doesn’t stop when the 30-second ad switches. People stream these ads through multiple platforms and share them across various outlets. News sites write entire articles just for Superbowl ads as they have become a staple in American media.

When you think of how much companies are willing to spend in order to get us to take action and buy a product, it is astounding. In 1967, the first Superbowl ad was around $42,000 while the average ad cost for today’s Superbowl games can cost up to about $5 million.

Consider Coca-Cola’s 2014 Superbowl commercials where “America the Beautiful” was sung in various languages. In caused quite the uproar but also grasped the concept of American being a melting pot of cultures. It stuck certain feelings within the viewers and left quite the impression both positive and negative. Cognitively, when someone sees a bottle of coke, perhaps “America the Beautiful” will start playing in their head. Behavior-wise, maybe it did make people want to go out and grab some coke to go with their Superbowl nachos.

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