The Pre-Internetarians…A Rare Breed of Human

We are always evolving at the mercy of technology but how do we know if this high tech evolutionary leap is taking away our humanity? I notice more and more that we are losing the ability to have face to face discussions unless we are literally forced to…like going to an actual classroom of people to have an actual discourse about ideas….social anxiety and depression are on the rise. I feel that the internet gives us a false sense of belonging to a group as we sit home alone chatting on social networking sites.

I stumbled upon this article in my FB news feed a few weeks ago and have been pondering it a lot lately. Frankly, I am scared. My children will most likely be addicted to the glowing screen and personally that irks my soul. Growing up, I didn’t have television or a computer. I lived in the trees with a book in my nose and a PB&J packed for lunch so that I didn’t have to go inside. How do we know when we have strayed too far away from our original design as a human who needs nature, group interaction and things to look at other than the screen? We are indeed a rare breed to have known life without internet.

What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet

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