The Next Decade…

Of course I believe that the next decade of technology, internet, social media and etc. will be innovative, creative and possibly beyond our minds can even think at this point…but it also leaves me thinking that it could also have its scary points.  People are already able to access more information than they can imagine through the Internet and all of our technological resources so what lies ahead.  Can anyone be able to know all and everything about me?  Will they be able to know my exact location when they want and please without me knowing?  Will people become more cruel as they hide behind their phones, computers and etc?  The “mean world” that is referred to in the article is another huge point that I think he is completely right about.  Don’t get me wrong, there are probably going to be great and wild new inventions created in the next decade but the Internet and technology can have its dark side.  These are the things that I think about and can see happening in the next decade of technology.  What are we really looking forward to?  Is face to face communication going to diminish even more leaving us incapable of having intellectual conversations when we do get the opportunities.  Lots of things come up in my mind when thinking about this particular topic only because I look and read about what technology and the Internet has accomplished in this past decade.

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