Technology: Hot & Cold

What I liked about McLuhan’s illustration of the hot & cold part to technology is how he discusses the new trends in media that captivates us as an audience. He elaborated on how technology is an extension of ourselves; kike the radio is an extension of our voices. “Hot” mediums (hands-off) would be TV, Film and radio. “Cooler” mediums (user interactivity) would be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vivo, etc. I liked how he described that once a medium becomes the less dominant medium, we tend to understand what went wrong or why it didn’t last once we have access to something new and popular. I remember using MySpace in 2008 (when it was popular with middle school and high schoolers) and avoided Facebook (which was for college students and strictly adults, at the time) because I didn’t understand the platform or why it was a new thing. Once 2010-2012 got here, I moved on to Facebook and deleted my MySpace. Now I understand why MySpace died out and why Facebook became a more popular form in social media. We, as humans, tend to migrate to things that cause us to interact and while things like TV & film will always be the main staple, our cellphones and computers have slowly became the popular choice to view or stream shows or watch live film.

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