Tech Diversity

The readings from this week, while weren’t a shock, were eye opening. If that makes any sense at all. What I mean is that the content that was discussed in these articles is what most already knew, however, to see the actual statistics makes you scratch your head. How is it that minority groups and women can make up such a small piece of this industry? I do believe we all have opportunities and some take better advantage than others, but understand that there is a mold in the tech industry that continues to be produced. Many of the articles discuss this and its up to these groups that are underrepresented to break this mold.

It is my observation of hearing the stories of successful people, including Sheryl Sandberg, that they do not take no for an answer. It doesn’t matter if your white, brown, black, or purple, if you refuse to quit good things will happen for you. Its possible that these underrepresented groups have become timid in trying to be a part of this industry because not there aren’t many people who look like them around. I’m afraid that people feel like they don’t belong and limit themselves in realizing their full potential.

The code 2040 initiative that was described in the readings is a good start to getting the ball rolling on the minority growth in the technology sector. With President Obama being elected and Hillary Clinton as a presidential hopeful, the country seems to be moving forward with the misconceptions of minority and female groups.

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