Some Online Journalism Things

I suppose I should post something to get us all in the mindset of online journalism for lecture tonight. I considered posting judgy, aggressive comments about a millennial’s irresponsible use of social media as a substitution to traditional media, but alas, I am guilty of this as well. So I will save the “How dare you?!” “You call yourself an adult?!” and “Do you talk to your mother with that mouth?!” for a more fitting scenario.

As for tonight, I thought it would be fun to have some discussion about the Social Responsibility Theory in relation to online journalism, their audience, and democracy. Nothing like talking politics after election day, am I right?! I am confident that we can come together as a unified class to discuss this topic, so let’s be mature and keep the name-calling to a minimum- okay, Eun Jeong?

Here are some things to think about for tonight:

1) Are online journalists acting responsibly?

2) What are the standards of print media compared to online                           media?

3) Is online journalism self-regulated?

Now go prepare some thought-provoking conversation topics!

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