No News is Good News??

Last week we read a Pew Research Publication that suggested 87% of Americans use internet on a regular basis. This figure has remained stagnant for years now and is progressing at a snail’s pace. A separate Pew study published this month says that 72% of Americans get their news from cell phones, though only about 6% actually read the content. Is that not insane!?!? I do believe that my jaw may have actually dropped when I read the staggeringly low statistics. So, exactly why do we use internet if not for learning of new, relevant information? Other articles suggest most news is gathered through Facebook and other social sites, such as Reddit and Buzzfeed, yet is this news really trustworthy?

Perhaps seeking news through non-traditional delivery systems is better than not seeking news at all? Is this the same as no news is good news?…I may have mixed up my anecdotes, but even so, I get the feeling that no news may be a better alternative than shoddy news. Perhaps it’s better for people to be ill-informed than misinformed. Just a thought…

Lastly, I leave you with this consideration: what news have you read today? Online? Cellphone? Other? As for me, I am off to increase the push-notifications for my news apps. Here’s to informed individuals!

Check out that Pew article regarding news on Cell Phones here!

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