Mobile Media Mania

Mobile media has been quite a sensation in our 21st century culture. With the new updates to technology, it does make a great argument on whether mobile media is the most significant part of media innovation in history. I say it is one of the most is because our social culture now expects everything at once. Once someone tweets something popular or significant, it gets instant retweets. When Apple releases a new mobile device or update, everyone who is fixated by Apple rushes to get it. If an event (something tragic or historical happens) everyone immediately wants to know about it. Nowadays, it seems that no one has time to go search for it via on the Television news or wait for it to come out on the next day’s newspaper issue. It’s all about timeliness and immediacy. Compared to the printing press or the internet, I would say as of right now, mobile media isn’t necessarily the most significant but it is within the same category in media innovation. Maybe 50-1oo years from now, mobile media may be the only source people will use to get information and will then be the most significant. ┬áThere’s always new ways that media reinvents itself so it is something that we will have to wait and see.

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