Mobile Media Innovation

Many of the 2015 mobile trends I find myself reluctantly acknowledging. People already use their mobile devices to monitor their health because it’s handy all the time even when you’re grabbing a quick bite – it’s convenient. We are definitely in a mobile only world because of the vast amount of tasks one can get done on their phone, which is almost everything. As far as screen size goes; as long as it fits in my pocket, anything will do.

Q1 & Q2

Mobile media is an amazing innovation indeed but then again people were saying that about the printing press when made its mark in history. In a few years there may be a new innovation that will top it, there’s no way to tell. But mobile media is definitely the most consequential media innovation of this generation. It was innovated to makes things more efficient like the wheel, control of fire, and steam engines but we all use it for different purposes but it’s still relevant per time period. In fifty years, we may be arguing that hologram technology is the most consequential innovation.

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