I have no idea

I don’t know how to answer these questions!

They are, to be honest, classic chicken-or-egg questions. What’s a more important innovation, electricity or the iPhone? The law or the internet? How can we answer questions like this? I’m declining! question-685060_960_720

What I am interested in, however, is Web 3.0. What is particularly intriguing is the ways in which the repeated privacy concerns and other controversial issues that surround web use are so brazenly ignored by so many. As we move into a world where we no longer just have the option to do things in new media contexts, but important, integral-to-life operations originate and do not migrate from these spaces what are we to do? Is there a way to resist that without becoming an obsolete human being? Are we digging the hole too deep to be able to escape from it even if we want to one day? Is the just the arc of humanity?


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