Google Thoughts

Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the beginning did not like each other, so what made them stay together to make this website? I understand that most people put their personal lives on hold just to get the job done, but Larry Page and Sergey Brin REALLY want this website to work so they put their emotions aside. This part blows my mind because if two people can’t stand each other, they would just give up on the idea but these two did not think so. That is dedication. I think these two are the most interesting because their dedication just to get the website and working, together, but not really liking each other. Some might think that a partnership is what makes a successful idea but what these two did was amazing. Another question, who names something “Backrub”, I wonder what made them think of this name in the first place? Beside the fact that Google saves all the records and the types of our google searches, has been a place where everyone goes to search things. So for that I’m grateful for Google, except of the saved ┬áitems.

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