Facebooks Live Feature is Revolutionizing Broadcasting

Facebook does it again! Revolutionize communication worldwide!

When the Facebook Live feature was released  at first I didn’t think much about its potential but then more recently I’ve realized that it could revolutionize how we produce content, more specifically for radio shows.

As someone who has an interest in producing radio/video shows, the invention of websites like Blogtalkradio.com and spreaker.com were amazing options to start getting experience and creating a brand. With Facebook Live it gives users a really easy way to broadcast without monthly fees, or bandwidth limitations. It also happens to be on the largest audience in the world, making it easier to gain a following.

I have wanted to create a Radio News Show for a long time now but have always lacked consistency. Because of this new feature, I am excited to try it out and begin adding to my portfolio in that realm of media.

If anyone has experience or the same goals. Please let me know. I would love to network and learn from eachother.

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