Browser Wars!

Browser Wars!


It sounds like a televised, highly-watched event. It isn’t. But in certain circles it appears to be even more thrilling. I’m not in those circles so it is hard for me to have large, over-arching opinions on the movements, so for now a couple of quick thoughts will have to suffice.

  1. I had NO IDEA that I had inadvertently chosen a side in the browser wars over mobile traffic. I use Safari…because that’s what my iPhone came with. To be honest, I had *never* even thought of an app as a browser. Did not occur to me. I use Chrome on my laptop quite pointedly because it is my favorite. But on mobile? I never once thought in terms of browsers. I always just thought of it as “using the internet.” Dumb!
  2. I also did not realize the extent to which each browser has a different ethos attached to it. Makes me wish I used Mozilla, except that I don’t really like it. I always try to side with the anti-corporate/monopoly side. Maybe I’ll try and transition?

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