Are New MacBooks on the Way?

According to some speculation, Apple should be releasing some new refreshed versions of their Macs. I’m interested to see how they will changed it up, especially with the MacBooks Pros. It’s been a while since they have made any real big changes, aside from adding the Force Touch trackpad not too long ago. I’m wondering if the MacBook Air will finally get a retina display and a new trackpad. What’s also on the rumor mill is that they are potentially releasing a new 5K external display monitor, since they recently discontinued their Thunderbolt monitor.

It’ll be interesting if they also release these computers with some of the same technology as the new iPhones, but also I’m interested to see if they will also release the computers with different colors like the current MacBooks. Well only time will tell!

What to expect at Apple’s Mac event: All-new MacBook Pros, refreshed Airs & iMacs, more

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