The Eyes of Google Chrome

I’m one of the few millions who choose google search instead yahoo but what surprises me the most is that people know that google keep the records of what is typed or said in the search engines but we still choose google instead of yahoo, why? We know that it keeps our records and they are looking at all the activities that we do but with this knowledge we still choose google. I can only give you my thoughts of why i choose google instead of yahoo, everyone has their own opinions. So, for me, google gives me better options when I type in the search engine, it directs me right to what want. It’s  also about the webpage of google. For me it just seems so simple and when  I type in, their webpage seems so overwhelming with all the news information and many more other things going on. Yet, as I type this, I’m also using google chrome because internet explore just is not fast enough and it is a bit slower than google chrome.

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