The picture above is a bit fuzzy, but you can see it much more clearly here.

It is a map made briefly before the election that visualized what the outcome would be if only particular groups of people voted. I think this is an incredibly powerful piece of data visualization. It shows, first and foremost, what a divided country we currently live in. Patriarchy and racism are thriving at the same as the resistance is making its voice heard. What upsets me the most about this visualization, however, is learning that white women overwhelmingly supported a Trump presidency. It is something like devastating that a man who has brazenly bragged about sexual assault can win the votes of so many women. This use of data shows us we have a problem.

One thought on “Problems.”

  1. When I look at data, I always want to look at a data visualization or look at some kind of graph so I can visually see the percentage. Seeing the graph or data can be helpful but it can also hurt us because it shows us the truth that we don’t want to see. During the elections, I always looked at data visualization graphs, so I could really understand who the media predicted to win. On the other hand, data can also be lacking because it would be collecting the people who participate but what about the other people who don’t participate but end up voting in the very end. I agree with you that data visualization does have a problem to mislead us but also so the truth about people in the United States.

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