Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer is definitely one of our own. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Texas State and she has returned to San Marcos for her Master’s degree, as well. It has been such a pleasure to have her in another class, and I’m very excited to see her as a guest speaker. As I research more about Vera’s professional history online, I can practically hear her saying some of these quotes out loud. Vera really seems to do it all from start to finish. She’s worked hard in various companies and ultimately decided to become the President for her own business, 97 Degrees West. It’s obvious that she has done every role in the business from the ground up, and is very passionate about gettting straight to the point of helping other businesses see growth in their numbers.

The website for 97 Degrees West is a great way to learn more about Vera. She is very transparent in her work and it shines brightly through the very diverse clients she has ranging from energy companies, all the way to healthcare agencies.

How did you bring in your first clients?
What would be your biggest suggestion when it comes to starting a business?

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