Introducing, and questioning, Anna Tauzin!

Anna Tauzin is the current Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for the Texas Restaurant Association. She recently stepped into this role with a wide and impressive range of experience under her belt.

She entered the restaurant industry in 2011, as a web communications specialist for the National Restaurant Association. She eventually transitioned into a senior management role before taking her current position. Tauzin is a digital pro, having previously worked in social media and web design.

She is also quite passionate about journalism; her educational background includes completing an MA in journalism and public affairs at American University. On this front, she is particularly interested in the development of innovative ideas to ensure that journalistic work holds value for traditionally under-served communities.

For her undergraduate education, Tauzin attended Texas State University. She majored in political science and mass communication. While enrolled she served as an undergraduate teaching assistant. She is proud of her time in Texas and maintained ties to the Austin area by serving as a member of the advisory board for the SXSW Interactive festival.


1. How does an entrepreneurial mindset serve you in a context other than doing entrepreneurial work, like running your own business?

2. You have worked in social media, but you now hold a very high-ranking position. One of the concerns about social media work is that it only lends itself to lateral, not vertical, moves. What do you say to this, and how did you make your transition?


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