Function or Design

1) Which is more important, function or design? Are they equal? Under what circumstances (for example, is one more important in a phone, another more important in a car or computer)?

I think that function and design are equally important; however, I don’t believe that one should take precedent over the other. The inventor has thought the product through using a certain process, whether it be design first or function first, and I think the designer should follow through in whichever way they started. Although, I do think that the developers of the product need to spend as much time thinking about the design as the functionality and vice versa. Both aspects need to be successful. I’m the type of person that will sacrifice some functionality for design, but I also know people who would prefer functionality over design, so I think it depends on the target market that is being sold the product.

2) Has design influenced a purchasing decision for you? Or is something high on your wish list because of design?

I definitely think design has influenced my purchasing decisions. For instance, in many ways, I find Apple products to be much sleeker in design versus android or any other brand offering the same products. I’m very loyal to the Apple brand. I know that Androids have the ability to add a SIM card for more storage, and as a photographer/videographer, I definitely could use the extra storage. Even knowing that other phones would save me the struggle of having to delete apps from my phone so I can take more videos, I still stick with the iPhone – largely because of it’s design. It is minimalistic and sleek, and I would prefer to stick with that.

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