design v function

In the article from it is explained that innovation is not only a hybrid of feasibility, viability, and human values but also best learned and understood through practice. Innovation is a creative process, as explained in I Think I Design, strives to innovate and improve. The D. School partners with a variety of organizations to help develop students’ creative thinking skills. The D. School has students begin their process with finding the solution to a problem, they then go through each step of the innovation process themselves. I honestly love this approach, it offers the chance to learn hands on, and actually experience the potential set backs which can occur in the real world. Rittel explained that problem solving leads to more problems. In theory the solution to a problem is always simple, however once implemented there are always reactions to actions, unforeseen circumstances, and potentially issues with other people involved with the project. Human nature and drive is vital to consider in project/ project development. In innovation is almost pointless if it is not adopted by society, and society will not adopt an innovation if it is not appealing. Sometimes the function of a design alone is enough to let it be adopted. For example a farmer is not worried about the look of his tractor if it is constantly breaking down because this vehicle is owned primarily for the purposes of its function. However, in the luxury vehicle industry there is a different clientele being served. Luxury cars do not need to plow or tow around large loads, most are used as a status symbol as well as city driving. Due to the fact that these vehicles serve different functions they need to be innovated differently; one in design and one in function. Therefore I believe that the importance of design vs function varies based upon the clientele of the innovation.

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