Bots Bad for Business

After the visitor from the Texas Tribune talked about them using bots in order to build audiences and maintain them I couldn’t help but be bothered by that.

I 100% disagree with that idea. It’s a relatively new idea to use in engaging audiences and catering to their needs.

As a Social Media marketer and business owner, here in my opinion as to  why this Bot idea will fall flat.

The fact is that while bots in chatrooms and the internet of the past was a great advertising tool. Today’s internet will not put up with that, because they don’t have to.

The way the bot works is that if someone had a question about the legislation they would ask the bot and the bot would follow up because it probably needs more data to figure out what its going to generate. So the user plays a “20 question game” seeking information that could have easily been Googled and found a professional article in seconds.The chances are that its a current topic already in the news to begin with,so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Second reason is that saying you are going to use bots to communicate with you audience is insulting and its absolutely lazy. Nothing beats engaging with your customers personally and the fact that interacting with your readers is not worth your time is a big mistake.

Interaction with your customers is the key to a loyal following.

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