So-called “Bathroom Bill”

I did an audio story last week over SB6, or the “bathroom bill”, a bill that if passed would restrict transgendered individuals to using the restroom that aligns with their biological sex. Individuals in the LGBTQ community feel this bill infringes on their basic human rights. Last year North Carolina passed a similar bill that has had a lasting affect on both its economy and reputation. Major businesses chose to halt operations in the state, major sports companies like the NBA boycotted the state, and the governor who signed the bill failed to be reelected for a second term. Last week I had no idea whether SB6 would pass in Texas or not. Well, this past Monday I woke up to the news that HB2 in North Carolina has been partially repealed because of the major backlash. I was really happy to see that after only a year, officials saw how damaging and backwards this bill really is. It gives me hope for Texas. Maybe now we can look at North Carolina as an example and avoid making the same mistake, because ultimately this affects every single one of us.