Samsung gets into auto business

This article is pretty interesting, Samsung buys out a Harman, an auto part supplier for $8 billion. While Samsung has said it will not be making cars, they will be helping “[change] behavior of consumers” as the mobile and auto industries increasingly merge. I’m sure some really cool innovations will be found through this merger. Let’s just hop nothing explodes.

New MacBook looks amazing

Apple released its new MacBook and it looks so cool. Maybe their phones are “overrated” to a lot of people, but they are surely stepping up their game in the laptop design. The new Macbooks feature something called a TouchBar. This area near the base of the screen allows users to edit photos, video, and do much more with a lot of ease. They took away all the “f” keys, which I think is a smart move. Personally I never use those keys anyways. They also have added TouchID to the computers, so that is definitely noteworthy. I may have to get my hands on one of these soon!

New Apple Keyboards

There is talk about Apple releasing a new keyboard in 2018. The keyboard would be much more adaptive for the user by creating a blank slate of keys that change with the app or program being used while on the computer. This could be really cool for adapting emojis in to posts that normally would not have them. It could create a whole new emoji culture which could be pretty interesting. I wonder how this could translate into writing stories or even editing videos. It will be interesting to see this play out in the future.

Samsung Note Cancellation

Samsung has officially cancelled the Galaxy Note 7. As of this morning the company says they want to ensure their customers safety. While I don’t own a Note, I’m glad to see the company taking initiative and getting it off the market. The company will really have to bring out the fireworks (hopefully not actual fireworks) to get people on board to buy their new Galaxy 8. The company lost a lot of shares in stock just this morning. I am very curious to see what the new phone will entail, and also if loyal Samsung owners will stay loyal, or switch to other brands.

Facebook launches new feature

I saw this article on the Los Angeles Time about Facebook’s release of Marketplace. This new feature is essentially like EBay or Craigslist. It seems pretty interesting, and I’m curious if it will take off. The article says they tried to release something like this before in 2007, but it flopped. According to the article, 450 million users visit their buy and sell groups. We’ll see how it does, if it takes off it could add a whole new element to Facebook. Continue reading “Facebook launches new feature”

NPR: How I built it this

NPR’s Guy Raz has a story today on his segment “How I Built This” about the creation of Instagram and its success. Check out the story. It’s pretty interesting to hear from the creators, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on what was going through their mind and how they created the app. Funny enough, on the day it launched Systrom and Krieger put the app on one server. Within hours the site crashed, and almost caused the it to crash and burn. Luckily, it didn’t and is a huge success today!