Shea Moisture “Insensitive” ad torn apart on social media

By now we’ve all seen the jaw-clenching Pepsi ad featuring model, Kendall Jenner and her cure for racial/police tensions. Social media started a firestorm directed straight at Pepsi.

Well now we have Shea Moisture who recently did something similar. The ad includes an African American woman and two Caucasian women commenting on their hair. Basically the objective of the ad was to stop hair hate, but if anything it enforced it.

Check out the two commercials here and let me know what y’all think.

Chris Harrison named CEO of DiMA

Chris Harrison is the former Exec of both Pandora Internet Radio and Sirius XM. DigitalĀ  Media Association (DiMA) is a trade group that represents some companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. That is only a handful. Right now the main focus of the company is with US copyright reforms and royalty rates.

To read more about Harrisons new position click here


How Social Media is currently kicking Airline behinds

For those who have no communication with the social media world, this may strike you as news. Recently airlines, United and American have ocme under fire of their treatment of passenger due to video footage being released via social media. One video shows a man being physically removed from a plane and the other and attendant shoving a lady. Either way these are two perfect examples of how social media can really cause some damage and create a bad image for a company.

Check out the details here

How/Why President Trauth addressed social media issues

All students received an email last week about some issues with social media and some questionable posts made, it left a lot of people confused and curious. So if you are wondering what all the fuss is about check this out. President Trauth recently addressed the student body at Texas State in regards to some rather explicit social media content that was posted by a student who holds a position within the university’s student government about another student. The issue evolved from remarks made about fraternities on campus.

Check out the article that the University Star wrote here with more in-depth information.