Media Law and Ethics for Journalists

This week we are going to scratch the surface in media law and ethics. It is apart of every day life, but for journalists we must be on our feet 24/7, 365 days a year. There is so much to learn from the past when it comes to cases dealt in the United States, to rules we must follow as journalists. This website gives 100 resources for journalists from news outlets to blogs and much more! Check it out


Sarah Pearce 11/28/16

The Best of the Best: Drones 2016

Today, in class we were able to talk about some drones and even see video footage of things people have filmed with drones. I came across an article that lists of the best drones on the market and it also includes pricing, video resolution, media format and much much more. If you’re interested in investing into a drone this page will help a lot! Check it out below:


Sarah Pearce 11/14/16

CNN Busted ABC News on Fake Crime Scene Tape



A reporter was caught faking a crime scene in one of her reports and CNN busted her! Tip of the day: Don’t make up false facts or even crime scenes for the matter! Check out    for the full story and video!


Sarah Pearce 11/7/16

Uber and Flu Shots?

As if technology makes things easier, Uber will deliver free flu shots for tomorrow only in 17 cities! So, forget walking to the doctor or local CVS, the app will let you choose this option under the health section if you live in these cities. Check out the article below:


Sarah Pearce 10/24/16


Tips for Writing Online

This week my post is more from personal experience. Since I came to Texas State, I’ve taken numerous classes that have to do with writing and editing. I have three tips that I have taken from those classes that go along with writing for online outlets.

  1. Take your time: Sometimes you might feel as if you are under pressure to finish an article but mistakes can be easily made. Make sure to proofread your work and then have someone else read it also. Ive learned that sometimes it might sound good to you but when someone else scans the article there might be something you missed that you didn’t see. 
  2. Photos: Make sure if you take pictures of people that you give photo credit to whoever took the picture along with who is in the picture. This gives the reader even more information while reading the article. 
  3. Organization: Most people are visual creatures, so placement of photos and the way text looks on the page is very important. Here on WordPress, you can organize your text and photos in different ways. You never want just one big block of text, instead, breaking up the paragraphs helps the reader organize their thoughts and it is more visually appealing. 


Hope this helps!!

Sarah Pearce 10/18/16

On Camera Tips and Tricks

In class today we went over some things you might want to do when interviewing someone on camera or doing a standup. I’m all for good advice and I found a website where you’re are given 10 tips before getting on camera. There are some good things you don’t want to miss and something you can think about while we head into our next project!

Check it out!

Sarah Pearce 10/10/16

The United States government no longer controls the government

icann Since October 1st hit, ” the federal National Telecommunications and Information Administration no longer exercises control over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which has long been the manager of internet domain names. But now, ICANN is truly an independent non-profit, free from the oversight of the American government” ( fox

This is interesting because we all use the internet everyday so I see this as a big step for the world wide web. Check out

Sarah Pearce 10/3/16


Interviewing techniques

interview-picAs a multimedia journalist, having a lot of skills with equipment and interviewing can help you rise to the top and stand out. These past few classes we talked about tips and tricks for filming an interview and what to do when you’re interviewing someone. I found a link online which gives camera guidance tips along with what to do when you’re interviewing someone. Check it out below:

Sarah Pearce 9/26/16


Twitter: Pictures and Videos Officially Not Apart of Word Count

tweetIf you are someone who is a social media addict ( a.k.a like me ) you will have noticed that as of today, Twitter has decided to cut pictures and videos out of the 140 character count. This is a big step for Twitter and they are excited to try out this new release! As some of you are journalism majors, social media outlets like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs etc. are very important to connect with the outside world. With this new adaptation to Twitter, I feel like we will see more people being able to report more word wise and be able to post great pictures too ( without the pictures or videos taking up the character count) . Check out this website below of the article regarding it and also the website itself!

Sarah Pearce 9/19/16

IPhone 7: Is It Really Worth It?

iphone-7The New York Times recently posted an interesting article reviewing the IPhone 7. For those wanting to pursue their career in journalism or broadcasting, keeping up with technology is very important. Personally, I always like having the newest or best thing on the market. What I am most excited about is the new camera features that the IPhone 7 will provide. Check out this link below!

Sarah Pearce 9/13/16