GoPro Karma Drones Recalled


The newly released GoPro Karma drone is being recalled due to some reports of the drone losing power unexpectedly. No injuries or property damage have been reported but GoPro has already sold 2,500 drones and they don’t know how many are affected. Hopefully they figure out the problem soon, because this would have been a big step for GoPro.

Kids Don’t Always Love Technology

I found this article very interesting because I feel like it is very accurate. I know, personally, that I don’t always like technology…even though I am a Digital Media Innovation major. Technology can be frustrating especially as the newer, improved and more advanced it gets. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes that tech companies are coming out with.

One of the points made it the article was that technology is a distraction. That could not be any more true. We don’t talk to each other face to face anymore. Unless we are friends or put into groups and forced to talk to each other, we are usually on our phones. If you walk into a high school or college classroom that is evident. It makes me kind of sad, because we are missing opportunities to make new friends or connections with people around us.

I know a lot of young people can relate to this article or the frustration of technology. Although I –and a lot of young people– still love my phone and laptop dearly, I can see why this stereotype of the technology-obsessed generation can be an unfair assumption.