What’s the big deal with the Big 12?

By Kasandra Garza


The Big 12 is a collegiate athletic conference widely known in football. It’s made up of 10 teams, including the University of Texas and Texas Tech University.


With UT struggling, 3-3, wouldn’t it make sense to expand the Big 12 to include the University ¬†of Houston? I don’t know much about football and how the Big 12 works. All I know is that UH has a wonderful football team and UT is over-hyped. This may sound like a rant against UT, but that’s not how I mean it. After reading an article about how sports stations are paying money to NOT expand the Big 12 to include UH, I feel a bit angry towards the Big 12. Why not? Is it because UT will no longer be the team to look at?

People can be pretentious and I feel the Big 12 is being a bit pretentious, pretending to be a highly selective group when they need a great team like UH more than UH needs them.


The Big 12 will decide today on expanding.