All Good Things Must Come to An End

According to an article on GameSpot, since the NES Classic Edition (a miniature reprise of the 80s Nintendo Entertainment System game console) has been discontinued, Nintendo said that it shipped 2.3 million NES Classic Editions around the world since its launch in November. And there’s still a high demand for the nostalgic system. Sadly, there is no word on the possibility of a return in production.

Facebook’s “In-Person” VR Hangout App

Although you must first have an Oculus Rift and Touch, with this new app, you can “experience 360-degree videos, draw 3D objects, video call friends who aren’t using VR, and so on. Your legless VR body can be customized, with options to change your facial features, hairstyle, eye color, and more.” Check out GameSpot’s article to learn more.

Even Cameras Are Superficial Now

An article on The Verge introduced me to Amazon’s new $200 Echo Look, a “style assistant” camera that helps catalog your outfits and rates your look based on “machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists.” Other articles, like this one from Wired, criticize the Echo Look and question its possible invasion of privacy. While I’m a moderate fan of fashion and “looking good,” I think I’ll stick with my handy, over-the-door mirror for now.

Facebook Tips to Spot False News

This popped up at the top of my Facebook feed one morning. If you click Learn More you are directed to a Facebook Help Center Page with a list of “Tips to Spot False News.” I’d say this is a fairly relevant and useful tool with the masses of misinformation and outright fake news that spreads across Facebook like wildfire nowadays. Check out this article from Business Insider to read more about it.