Crime and Social Media Meet

This month a man committed a murder while broadcasting it on Facebook live. Steve Stevens killed a 74-year-old man in Cleveland while people watched through the live stream. The video was still posted online a week after the murder happened. Ironically enough, the high speed chase of Stevens was also broadcast on Facebook live.

All of this makes me wonder what the effect of social media is on crime. Personally, I thought it was increasing crime, but according to ClickOnDetroit, social media is helping catch people committing a crime because people are videotaping them in the act. In fact: “Prosecutors say YouTube videos, Instagram and other social media sites are an evidence gold mine. In many criminal cases, the motive often comes right from a text or post.”

Who knows what the future holds for the crime world when it comes to using social media.


Fun Data!

I found this awesome data visualization of how Americans spend there days. To me the topic sounded pretty boring but the way they put all the data together made it very entertaining. Although the only control you have is the speed, it is very satisfying to just sit and watch. It’s also interesting to mentally compare what you do compared to everyone polled. Check it out!

A Day in the Life of Americans

Scheduled Messaging

There’s plenty of apps and platforms you can use to schedule posts or tweets. For the most part you can also schedule blog posts and anything on a website. I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t schedule text messages. Well with the new app, Scheduled, I can! Although it doesn’t send it automatically, it does send you a notification when you said you wanted to send it.

I personally always remember that I need to text someone (usually someone for a story) at not what some would classify as a “professional” hour. With this app I could compose the message and then be reminded of it at a more appropriate time. Oh and it also works for Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook messages. What’s not to love?

Scheduled is a new app that lets you schedule your text messages

Favorite Multimedia Package

This is one of my favorite multimedia packages of all time. Being a writer, I appreciate how each word used actually adds to the story and creates a picture. However, I think the best part is having the video interviews of the people who experienced the avalanche. This makes it easy to see the emotions of people in a way that written words cannot.

There is a graphic found on the “Blur of White” tab that also utilizes the power of sound. Visually, you see the projection of the avalanche in relation to the mountain, but the best part is hearing the avalanche in the background. This shows how effective natural sound can be used to add effect almost effortlessly.

Another thing that makes this package so effective is the maps found throughout the story used to show the reader/viewer the trails the people followed. The best one, in my opinion, is found on the “Descent Begins” tab. As you scroll down the page reading each person’s account, their path appears on the mountain in the background.