Another way that businesses are reaching out to help people while they are traveling. I think that it is really cool that it has maps and virtual tours built in so people can figure out where to go without having to open a new tab on their phones.

Social Media and I

It’s no surprise that many people these days are connected to social media- it’s kind of difficult not to be. With so many options that cater to different age groups, even my grandma is connected to the world through the use of social media. But what does surprise me (even though it shouldn’t) is the amount of people and groups who turn to the internet to share fake or very biased news.

I used to turn to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to not only get updates on my friends and to see cute pictures of animals but also for links to news stories I may find interesting. But these days I find it very difficult to find anything worth my time. I find it easier and less stressful to just go through my list of news stations and check their websites throughout the day.

I find the idea that social media websites can share news laughable. Sorry Snapchat, your “Discover” section is a joke. When that was first added, I heard someone say that this was going to be an easier way to quickly find out about things going on. But what is newsworthy about Cosmopolitan or People. Sure, I guess it could be a time filler to get a good laugh but there is no true substance there. Facebook is trying to help by having the “trending” section and the capability to tell them if I don’t like a video they think I will like. And there have been times where I see a headline or something in my news feed and actually read what has been posted. But Facebook allows so much fake news to spread it’s difficult to take them seriously.

I still think that social media is a great way to connect with people and I still do use it on a regular basis. It is a great place to promote free speech and a place where you can connect with friends. But as a news source? Well, I think I’ll just stick to going to news websites.