Multimedia Schedule


Week 1

M 8/24

W 8/26


M: Intro to the course; intro to Dr. K.; student intros

Look at some previous multimedia work

Briggs Introduction: Journalism is About People, not Technology

W: Photojournalism and photo technique

Photo editing on mobile

Mobile phone photography and social media

1) Quiz 1 Syllabus and readings due Wednesday, 8/26

2) Intro Discussion

3) Social media photos due Wednesday, 8/26


Week 2

M 8/31

W 9/2

M: DSLR manual photography

W: Photoshop, Lightroom, metadata in photos

Favorite storytelling apps on Google Sheet

Briggs Chapter 6: Visual Storytelling With Photographs

1) Quiz 2:

Ch. 6 photography;

2) Practice photo assignment due Wednesday, 9/4

Week 3

M 9/7

W 9/9

Monday, September 7, is Labor Day, no class meeting

Wednesday, September 9, virtual class meeting

Video storytelling; video sequences;

Action video assignment

1) Action cell-phone video due Sunday, 9/13


Week 4

M 9/14

W 9/16


Briggs Chapter 7: Making Audio Journalism Visible

M: Telling stories with sound

W: Edit audio story during class time


1) Quiz 3:

Ch 7 audio;

2) Practice audio assignment due Wednesday, 9/16

Week 5

M 9/21

W 9/23

Briggs Chapter 5: Telling Stories With Video

M: Interviews; say dog, see dog

W: We’ll edit video in class Wednesday

1) Quiz 4:

Ch. 5 video

2) Practice video assignment due Wednesday, 9/23

Week 6

M 9/28

W 9/30

Pitch story ideas for your final multimedia reporting package by Monday night

Monday, September 28, Virtual Lecture

Finding, Evaluating and Researching a story

Wednesday: Podcasting

Story pitch document due in Canvas Assignments midnight Monday, 9/28

Week 7

M 10/5

W 10/7

M: Conversational writing; hyperlinking; umbrella leads; magazine style

W: Publishing to Soundcloud; YouTube; WordPress



Week 8

M 10/12

W 10/14

Monday and Wednesday, open lab to file stories

(Possibly Mass Comm Week)

2) Story element #1 due Wednesday, 10/14

Week 9

M 10/19

W 10/21

M: SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Social media and news; Facebook live; Twitter;

How journalists use mobile technology

Wednesday, open lab to file stories


Week 10

M 10/26

W 10/28

M: Open lab to file stories

Wednesday, October 28, Virtual Class Meeting:

TV news standups: The theater of television news; live shots

2) Story element #2 due Monday, 10/26


Week 11

M 11/2

W 11/4

M: Multimedia Interactives; Google Maps; timelines

Build a data interactive in class using Google Fusion and Google Drive

Wednesday, open lab to file stories

1) Story element #3 due Wednesday, 11/4

Week 12

M 11/9

W 11/11

Monday, November 9, Virtual Class Meeting:

Historic Media; Emerging Media (360/Drone)

Wednesday, November 11, Virtual Class Meeting:

Advanced video techniques


Week 13

M 11/16

W 11/18

Briggs Chapter 2: The Power of Publishing

M: Journalism and blogging

Wednesday, open lab to file stories

1) Quiz 5:

Ch. 2 The Power of Publishing

2) Story element #4 due Wednesday, 11/18

Week 14

M 11/23


Thanksgiving holiday this Wednesday – Sunday

Monday, November 23, Virtual Lecture:

Kobre Chapter 14: Ethics

Kobre Chapter 15: The Law


Week 15

M 11/30

W 12/2

Open lab Monday and Wednesday to file stories

Thursday, 12/3, last day of classes

1) Story element #5 due Wednesday, 12/2

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