I found Li Zixin’s portion of the panel the most eye opening. The fact that he was able to utilize resources already out there and market them towards the Chinese public in a way that is allowed by the government is rather remarkable and inspiring with WeChat. I also thought it was thought provoking how much of Chinese news is dominated by “entertainment to death” & the connection to the collapse of traditional media. China 30’s is an interesting concept. Having regularly updated user generated content is a noble endeavor and having them do it for free is a damn good business model. My concern would be how this content is being filtered and if there is any sort of ethical concern with false information being published and what the content of a typical China30 post usually entails? For the people, by the people is an idea long endured and celebrated but how does that fit in with the general public in a time and age when fake news is rampant especially in a place like China where news is also so heavily regulated. It seems like special care should be warranted as this material could be heavily influential to the the Chinese People.

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