“Ideation” fodder (some ideas for ideas…)

Here are some topics that I hope provide inspiration for your project ideas or the Ideation exercise – think about these categories/topics/ideas and see if there’s room in that space for something new:

– The intersection of technology and customer service;

-Geofencing, like the UT scooters;

-Combining services, like Netflix and DoorDash;

-Partnering with or complementing an existing service;

-A new twist on an old thing, like Blinkest reads; Octopus rideshare games; duo-drunk rides home along with your car;

-Food, drink and anything: Virtual travel, video games, movies, sports, healthy eating;

The Pet industry is huge – half a billion $ a year and growing – including pet food, grooming, services (walking services), technology (pet toys that interact with your pet when you’re gone), fitness and health; https://thenextweb.com/podium/2019/09/01/the-rise-of-pet-tech/

-Peer to peer services, like Uber, scooters, Turo;

-Replicate but improve on good ideas that you already use;

-Think about ideas at the intersection of time versus money, or effort versus money

-National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Innovation Challenge winners


-Think digital, simplicity, scale, viral…-An addition to or new twist on startup finance models, like equity share (you trade part ownership of your idea for investment); revenue sharing (you promise to share future profits – clearbanc does this, gambles on your success instead of taking equity, or a piece of your company);

-Subscription/rental industry growth (clothes, gourmet food delivery, movie tickets, games)

-Think “future”




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