Final Project Details

Hi, all! Below are a bunch of sample projects from the Fall 2018 semester of the DMI Capstone Innovation class. About half are websites; half are apps. Remember, creating an app is optional but IF your idea IS an app, you should definitely mock up what some pages would look like, even if you don’t use an emulator like or Adobe XD – you could draft app pages in anything you’re comfortable with, like InDesign, PowerPoint, Word… (Note – a link to an app we can try with our phones, though, is extra cool). We’ll have open lab late in the semester for you to work on these.

Your final project must include:
Some evidence of research (Lean Canvas, business plan);

-Must have a logo, and should include appropriate photos and links.

Here’s the rubric for your final project: Some of these are from Dr. Royal’s rubric and some are mine – I’m listing IN ORDER what you should emphasize in your idea site, so 1) is most important (although everyone must do #5 and #8!):

1) Clear: make sure we know what your idea is on the home page and relevant links;

2) Creative: make it inviting and attractive;

3) Usable: think about the “user experience” of someone perusing your site or app;

4) Solution: tell, somewhere, what problem you intend to solve (this might be on your home page);

5) Sustainable: include prominently that you gave some thought to a business model, a lean canvas, a source of startup funding and how you plan to make your idea survive and grow, including advertising, subscriptions, memberships, events, foundation support, investors, social media marketing, door-to-door marketing; opinion leaders; early adopters…

6) A description of features: Imagine this as a guide for new users AND for me, so I don’t miss anything;

7) Marketing video (optional!): A “hype video” or demo, if you want to do one;

8) Personal statement: Note that this is your work and that it was done for a class.

Sample sites:

Sample Apps:

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