The Nintendo DS Lives On

Something I laid to rest in my childhood years ago, the Nintendo DS is taking yet another new form this July with the 2DS XL.  The new console will be sold for $150 and feature the same large frame size as the 3DS XL, but have a more compact design with a folding top for better portability.  In addition, it will come with upgraded processing power to host more demanding games.

I remember when I couldn’t leave the house without my Nintendo DS; I had the rose gold version and it was basically my best friend.  I still have it and I’m even fairly certain it still works perfectly well, but the nostalgia that came with watching this video (below) makes it tempting to jump back into the gaming world and buy the new one.  I’m happy to see that Nintendo is still trying to keep the beloved portable alive, since it was such a memorable part of my younger years for so long that I’m sure the newest model will bring endless joy to kids out there who were just like me.