Spectrum NY1 makes drastic staff changes

At the Texas State Broadcasting meeting on April 10, I learned that Spectrum News is making budget and staff changes. Spectrum News which now owns NY1 has decided to extend a layoff swept to get rid of older on-air talent.

In a nut shell Spectrum NY1 wants a younger and cheaper staff which is good news for reporters new in the field. Part of the change comes with eliminating content on lifestyle and entertainment such as film and cooking. This change will be nationally impacted with all the Spectrum news channels including Austin and San Antonio.


Here is the full feature article below.


Reporting on Breaking News Example

By: Kiersten Ehr

On Wednesday, March 22nd in London, England a terrorist attack took place right outside Parliament killing and injuring civilians. Since this was a  terrorist attack in London, I was surprised to find out there was not much information and coverage online by the American news outlets. Since England is one of our allies I thought and assumed there would be more TV coverage and news updates on this tragic event.

While reading online, The New York Times did a great job at providing content in a timely manner featuring an article, infographic, photos and videos of the story unfolding.

The link to the article is here. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/22/world/europe/london-attack-what-we-know.html?_r=0