Reporting on Breaking News Example

By: Kiersten Ehr

On Wednesday, March 22nd in London, England a terrorist attack took place right outside Parliament killing and injuring civilians. Since this was a  terrorist attack in London, I was surprised to find out there was not much information and coverage online by the American news outlets. Since England is one of our allies I thought and assumed there would be more TV coverage and news updates on this tragic event.

While reading online, The New York Times did a great job at providing content in a timely manner featuring an article, infographic, photos and videos of the story unfolding.

The link to the article is here.


SnapChat or Instagram Stories?

By: Kiersten Ehr

Recently as an avid social media user, I have questioned whether or not I should spend my time on the social media platforms of SnapChat or Instagram Stories more.

Since I am on social media almost 24/7 I have started to ask my friends and do research on why one platform is better or more popular than the other.

As I interviewed 10 of my friends and co-workers at Texas State University, I found out that more people are using Instagram Stories over SnapChat.

Why People Prefer SnapChat

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  • More private
  • Geo filters
  • Location specific filters
  • Customized filters
  • Content disappears
  • Harder for employers to track down SnapChat accounts vs. Instagram Stories
  • Easy to use
  • Follow celebrities

Why People Prefer Instagram Stories

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  • New 
  • Tag specific accounts/friends in post
  • Use of Boomerang video 
  • More people are now on Instagram
  • Easy to post on Instagram and use Instagram Stories- two outlets in one 
  • Live video
  • Normal, Live, Boomerang, hands-free options
  • Different emojis than SnapChat
  • Easier to find celebrities/popular Instagram accounts
  • Easy to use color tool, different drawing affects
  • Easier to get followers/followers to see content
  • Send pictures and videos in a DM

After I analyzed the differences in why people are using one platform over the other I have personally decided to invest my time in using Instagram Stories to enhance my personal brand.