Yik Yak Comes to an End

Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, co-founders of the once-popular anonymous social networking app called Yik Yak, have recently announced that they will finally be shutting down after facing years of issues.

For those of us who never “Yak-ed”, Yik Yak was once a fun little app that offered users anonymity, so they could post whatever they wanted without being judged.  It was location-based, so people were allowed to connect with other Yak-ers within a certain radius, making it very popular among college campuses as well.  For the most part, it was a good time, but there are always those certain people who have to ruin the fun, and having the privilege of being anonymous unfortunately made cyberbullying all too easy for some in the Yik Yak world.  It eventually drove down the app experience so much that user downloads had declined tremendously by 2016 and the company began to lay off most of its employees.

Now, Yik Yak has just sold some of it’s intellectual property to Square for $1 million – a deeply disappointing result.  Read more about Yik Yak’s funeral in this article from TechCrunch.