Guys, I was able to have a small convo with a young up and coming entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas. His name is Jordan McCook. I meet him recently at a radio show release showcase he put together for his new radio show that he just started. He was originally a barber, then he got the feeling that he was to do more with his life so he prayed about it and starting a radio show was bestowed upon his heart. I ask him what’s steps were taken to get his own radio station, and he answer “firstly, brand myself”. Next I asked what would be the steps and guidelines to coming up with that brand, and his reply was “something that comprise the end goal or vision of the company”. Lastly, I asked for any other advice, and he told me “it’s not about who you know.. it’s about who knows you.. don’t compete with anyone ever! Just be the best me I can be”. 

Jordan McCook ladies and gentlemen

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