The hidden Internet

This article is about the backbone of the Internet; basically all the hidden cables and wireless outputs needed to make it run. The New York writer became curious where the Internet wires ran through to make the major metropolitan city of New York be online. The writer began to decode symbols and other mysterious markings around the city that provided clues as to where components are that run the Internet relay around town. The markings are often hidden in plain sight. She provides pictures to help you identify where fiber optic cables belonging to Level 3 Communications are laid. Did you know that attached to streetlights in New York are acoustic censors that detect gunshots? There are also radio receivers installed in traffic lights to adjust them according to different traffic patterns. The purpose of this article was to draw attention to the hidden backbone of the digital world that is usually right in front of our eyes, should we choose to investigate our environments. It was a very interesting piece that will cause me to pay better attention to markings on the streets. Read about it here.

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