Nintendo has a new console in the works

Nintendo is trying to make up for it’s low sales resulting from it’s disappointing Wii U launch. The console they are offering doesn’t have the power of the upcoming PS4 Neo or newest Xbox but rather are wanting to appeal to a niche audience of gamers. The ones who are Nintendo fans are a devote bunch. This console is under-powered compared to it’s competition but it’s banking on it’s mobility to make up for that, something the other consoles are not. They likely will have a bevy of games such as Zelda and Mario-based titles that will draw gamers in. It’s hard to tell if Nintendo will profit from this release compared to it’s competition but they always will have a devote following of long-time fans that have an affinity for the system since early childhood. I consider myself inside this realm. I’ve owned every Nintendo system and plan on making this console the latest in my collection. To read more about this nice piece of technology go here.

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