New PS4 Neo won’t display in true native 4K

This article attacks the new PS4 Neo which has a release date of a few months. The new PS4 is underpowered compared to the new Xbox and won’t display games in native 4K despite claims Sony has made about it being a 4K console. The new PS4 won’t play 4K Blu-Rays, which is the biggest reason I won’t buy one. I have a PS4 and was angry a new more powerful version was coming out so quickly. I recently purchased a 4K TV and from what I have been reading the PS4 Neo won’t be the gaming console to utilize the most out of 4K TVs. The new Xbox, which does native 4K and reads 4K Blu-Rays will likely be extremely expensive. I don’t have times to play games these days anyhow due to school so I only wanted to buy it if it played 4K Blu-Rays. Since that won’t be the case I’ll just spend $120.00 on a 4K Blu-Ray player. I’m better off spending less money on just buying a 4K Blu-Ray player. If I wanted the power of the new Xbox for the price I would save my money and build a gaming PC instead which would be more powerful. Sony has really dropped the ball to Microsoft in the console wars at this junction in time. Read about it here.

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